View Full Version : Tominon 75mm, no back element? Did I get cheated?

5-Nov-2015, 09:28
So I saw a Tominon 75mm on ebay for 38 dollars (CAD, no less), the element looked excellent in the image, but the back was not shown. It was said to have come straight from a hospital's aging inventory, I think. I thought, "Dang, what a steal! They must have undervalued it.". Now that it has arrived, it looks like it's missing a back element, since there is a second set of threads in the back. It is also sitting in a rather large plastic thing that is outside of the shutter, though, which appears to be some sort of second aperture diaphragm. Did I get cheated? Or do I need to remove this second diaphragm?


5-Nov-2015, 09:40
No, this is an enlarging lens, and is self contained in a barrel with aperture and m39 threads.

5-Nov-2015, 09:43
It won't cover 4x5 unless you use it for macro work, and then it's a stretch.

5-Nov-2015, 10:06
You didn't get cheated. The MP-4 lenses are front-mount barrel lenses. As others stated, it won't cover 4x5 at infinity but it's intended as a macro lens anyway. Dan Fromm has tested the 75mm and other focal lengths in the MP-4 lens series. You may have gotten lucky with the shutter because it appears you got one with a built-in aperture. Most of the MP-4 shutters were made without adjustable apertures... though IIRC there may be a spacing issue with these if other cells are transferred to the shutter.

5-Nov-2015, 10:18
Ah, just like the lens in a darkroom enlarger, eh?

I do intend to do some macro work with it. At the price given, I figured, "Eh, why not?. I really do get a kick out of macro photos. Just not a lot of room for movements, I guess.

Thanks for explaining, guys.

Dan Fromm
6-Nov-2015, 15:19
Um, not a shutter with a diaphragm. A shutter with a device for setting the aperture of an MP-4 Tominon in barrel reversed and screwed into the back of the shutter.

Reversed lenses are used on the MP-4 for making reductions. MP-4 Tominons in barrel aren't enlarging lenses, they're macro lenses. Focal length for focal length, there are much better enlarging lenses.

14-Apr-2016, 04:08
While I understand it won't cover at infinity on 4x5, does anyone know the FFL distance dor those that don't care about vignetting (or using for roll film)..?

14-Apr-2016, 05:54
I was just using one last night... It covers 4X5 well at a little above 1:1... Tilts well below that for tilting the plane of focus...

Really snappy contrast, good color saturation, is surprising bright to focus!!!

Good lens!!!!!!

Steve K

14-Apr-2016, 19:24
Do you think it'd be possible to do a quick FFL at infinity? I understand it was "designed" for macro, but it is always fun to bend the rules...

Dan Fromm
14-Apr-2016, 19:28
I shot one at infinity on a 2x3 Graphic. It was lousy. It also isn't a very good macro lens.