View Full Version : Kowa Graphic 610mm F9

4-Nov-2015, 15:21
I just got this lens.
It is about the same size as a Dagor 750mm i got a few weeks ago, but it is by no means the same.
There is no aperture, that is, there is a fixed F9 aperture, and no option to adjust it. No lever or waterhouse stop slot.
Barrel appears to be one piece, like something you might find on a copier or fax machine - though this must have been some massive copier.
Glass is multi coated and for the most part the lens appears to be symmetrical.
Focus at infinity appears to be closer then 610mm though not accurately measured.

Any one have any clue of the cells inside the barrel might be salvaged and used without destroying the lens?


Dan Fromm
4-Nov-2015, 15:30
Cells? Why should there be cells? The glasses can be fitted directly to the barrel. To find out, remove a trim ring.

4-Nov-2015, 15:58
If there are no cells you could probably still use the lens with waterhouse stops. Just cut a slot where your fixed f/9 aperture is.