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24-Feb-2005, 13:55
I received a field camera from an estate, it says Linhof/Munchen below its rail.I am wondering when the camera was made. The serial number,also under the rail is 13458. I am guessing it is pretty old, but I know nothing of it. Thanks.

Brian Ellis
24-Feb-2005, 18:13
If you don't get an answer here e mail, or better yet call, Bob Salmono with HP Marketing (Google for the address and phone #, sorry I don't have either). He'll be able to give you the date.

Brian Ellis
24-Feb-2005, 18:15
Sorry, that should be Salomon, not Salmono. One of these days I'll learn to read what I write before sending.

Scott Rosenberg
24-Feb-2005, 18:45
hmmmm.... there's a good bit of information here, (http://www.cameraquest.com/techs.htm) but nothing that would date your camera based on the serial number you reported.

bob to the rescue!

25-Feb-2005, 03:15
I have asked Linhof today. Your camara will be built befor world war II, but it is impossible to find the real date, because their are no databank for this time.

Paul Butler
25-Feb-2005, 07:26
Is it 4x5, or 13x18 (i.e. 5x7)? Geared front rise and shift, front back tilt (base tilt) but no forward tilt? No rotating back? Black anodized aluminum lens board? A notch filed in the track for infinity focus? No rangefinder, but you focus on the ground glass?

Paul Butler
25-Feb-2005, 20:52
I took a look at my Technika II 5x7, which was made in 1946. Its serial number is 3324 D - so this isn't much help, as it must be a different series of numbers. It was originally fitted with a Voigtlander lens, also made in 1946 (although both the camera and lens may have been from pre-war stock).

An excellent camera, and a dream to use. Impressively well made, too.