View Full Version : Sinar Copal shutter release cable - Any Alternative ?

3-Nov-2015, 03:11

I just bought a Sinar Copal shutter but it's not easy to find the shutter release cable (here in Brussels and on most known website)

I was wondering if anyone knows any alternative brand that sale one suitable cable or do-it-yourself kit (to make one) ?

All tips are very welcome,

thanks a lot


The shutter is one of this type

Steven Tribe
3-Nov-2015, 03:38
Sinar made about 3 different versions. The system IS unique as regards the throw necessary. There is now a Chinese replacement I beieve. It is possible to make a (shorter) homemade solution. I made one which I use as back-up when abroad. There are plenty of threads here on the Sinar-Copal shutter and the cable release.

8-Nov-2015, 02:18
Hi steven,

thanks for your answer,

it would be nice if i could find a replacement from another brand (but so far i did not).

I'm also thinking of making one simple by myself.