View Full Version : Carl Zeiss 210mm 3.5 question

2-Nov-2015, 11:41
hello! i would like to ask in which shutter the Carl Zeiss 210mm 3.5 would fit, and if this would work on a Shen Hao Ptb 4x5.... or would the lens be too big and heavy?


2-Nov-2015, 11:51
I have a Schneider Xenar 210 f3.5 and it's pretty big/heavy..it uses a compound #4 shutter

no idea about the CZ one though

2-Nov-2015, 12:05
You'll struggle with a shutter larger than a Compound #3 on a Linhof/Wsts/Shen Hao lens boards, I very much doubt a 4 will fit. I've just mounted a Tele-Xenar which is in a Compound 3 and that's tight. My CZJ 210mm f4.5 Tessar is in a Compound #3 so the f3.5 is definitely in a larger shutter like the Xenar mentioned above..