View Full Version : Snow in the Sierra expected.

John Kasaian
2-Nov-2015, 08:34
Hmmmmm.....maybe time for a "mental health day?":rolleyes:

Drew Wiley
2-Nov-2015, 12:27
Well, my mental health day bellyflopped because it was downright hot in advance of the storm, so only a short hike. But I did get one nice shot with the Norma.
Last night it rained heavily about ten hours, so that should start hitting the Sierra maybe later tonite. Hard to say how far south it will get. The forecasters haven't
done a very good job lately. But storm advisories do run the length of the range, and it has cooled significantly, so there should be a decent dusting at least.

John Kasaian
3-Nov-2015, 21:01
16 inches of snow at China Peak (Huntington Lake):cool:

Drew Wiley
6-Nov-2015, 14:07
Gosh. That means Shuteye probably got some - my old living room view. My view of Kaiser Pk was obviously the bland side above Huntington Lk and China Peak
itself. Someday I'll tell you about China Charlie if you don't already know the lore. But I heard it from some old timers who actually knew him. But folks here seem
to be getting tired of my stories. Flatlanders. So to keep it uncolorful, I'll merely relate that he pretty much explored and trapped in all that upper Big Creek drainage, across clear over to what is now Florence Lake and over to Dinkey. Quite a cowboy, married a squaw, and mis-pronounced a lot of unprintable expletives.

16-Nov-2015, 15:04
I was in the Yosemite valley two weeks ago and we had some very nice snow covered rims all around. Nothing in the valley tho. There was a control burn on the southside road and for the last night, the smoke was very bad at the lodge. Michael Frye has a cool photo and video of a log burning from the inside from the control burn during the first snow in the valley.

Michael Frye blog (http://www.michaelfrye.com/landscape-photography-blog/)


Sirius Glass
16-Nov-2015, 18:51
I could use some snow for some serious skiing.

16-Nov-2015, 20:23
Just read this on our local Sonora news...

"Sonora, CA — Highway 108 Sonora Pass is the first of the area mountain passes to officially close for the season.

Caltrans spokesperson Rick Estrada says another eight inches of snow fell at 6,000 ft. over the weekend, and there is at least three ft. of snow at the top of the pass. Caltrans has not yet made a decision about the fate of Highway 4 Ebbetts Pass, and the same goes for Yosemite National Park and Highway 120 Tioga Pass.

Highway 108 Sonora Pass is closing much earlier than the past few years. It closed for winter on December 17 in 2014, December 9 in 2013 and December 19 in 2012."

Hopefully, this bodes well for a good winter in the Sierra!


17-Nov-2015, 00:27
Will be going to Tahoe for Thanksgiving, with my 4x5, 617 and a Hassleblad!

Hmm... any point of shooting COLORS?!

Sirius Glass
17-Nov-2015, 09:45
Pray for snow. We can surf anytime!

Drew Wiley
17-Nov-2015, 11:59
Might get more snow than you asked for. Distinct chance of lots of avalanches if El Nino hits as hard as they predict. Maybe some rough surf too, especially is you
plan to surf mudslides instead of saltwater waves!

Sirius Glass
17-Nov-2015, 17:32
I will take my chances. Last year I could not get more than three days skiing at Lake Tahoe.

19-Nov-2015, 20:32
It is becoming increasingly likely that a cold storm will affect NorCal Tuesday, 11/24, until Thanksgiving Day. Snow levels are expected to drop to 2500 ft. with heavy accumulations at pass levels. A mixture of rain and snow will likely affect the Foothills on Tuesday and Wednesday, with decreasing chances on Thursday. See Sacramento NWS (http://www.wrh.noaa.gov/sto/) for updated info.

If you are planning to head into the Sierra, be prepared for winter conditions.

Be safe out there!

Leszek Vogt
19-Nov-2015, 22:10
Hey Preston, I was wondering if you ever received two of my messages from few days ago. Mods see no issue and I see nothing in my "send" file ???? Anyhoo, pls send me a note and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks.


Drew Wiley
20-Nov-2015, 10:19
Oh garsh. Don't remind me I still have to clean the gutter this weekend. The trails around here are already getting mucky from the last two heavy storms, and that slight hint of green on the hills will soon be solid green. The subtle browns and greiges of the drought are about to end. That was sure a visual treat while it lasted.
I can usually predict the Sierra storms by what passes over here the day before. Thanksgiving week will allegedly be a soaker. But shooting in the rain is fun too.
Otherwise, it will be nice to have an excuse to spend a day in the darkroom printing!

John Kasaian
23-Nov-2015, 09:25
Where I hope to spend at least part of the Winter as an instructor

Drew Wiley
23-Nov-2015, 11:25
That looks fun, John. Did your knee heal up OK?

John Kasaian
23-Nov-2015, 14:39
That looks fun, John. Did your knee heal up OK?

Thanks Drew. It's good enough!

2-Dec-2015, 00:11
We went to South Lake Tahoe. first time using tire cables since moving to CA in 1993. The Lake is beautiful and we went out to see the sunset but instead was greeted by snowfall


Drew Wiley
2-Dec-2015, 12:11
Looks wonderful. But since every single "summer" vacation I've taken the last five years has involved at least sleet, freezing rain, hail, and often substantial snowfall nearly every day, think I'll head for Hawaii instead this season.

2-Dec-2015, 13:44
I did not head up into the mountains during the Thanksgiving holiday, but I did take advantage of 4 days of clear weather for a solo backpack trip in Redwood National Park (along Redwood Creek). Took the 4x5 and 11 holders filled with Tech Pan. It stayed clear (Wed thru Sun) and got colder and colder! Once the ground along the creek gave up its heat, it stayed frozen in most places all day (sun rarely hits the creek itself this time of year). Very little wind...nice with the slow film, and I found non-moving subjects if a slight breeze came through. Rain the day after I came out, so pretty lucky with the timing! A bit different than the 12 days on Maui I had last month!

14-Dec-2015, 14:00
It's a Winter Wonderland in Yosemite right now and Badger Pass is open! http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/conditions.htm



John Kasaian
14-Dec-2015, 17:26
I rode the employee van back to Yosemite Valley on Friday about 5:00PM and at the tunnel view there was a huge crowd capturing their very own "Clearing Winter Storm":cool:
Saturday was beautiful with snow thick on the trees and valley walls. The falls were even going.
Sunday dumped a lot of snow----we were skiing on fresh powder!
I drove home during last night's storm and the conditions were pretty lousy for driving. It should be great today though, The plows were probably working all night!

Drew Wiley
15-Dec-2015, 10:13
Sounds lovely. I did make it up to 10,000 feet a couple of days ago wearing just a T-shirt. (Haleakala)