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mark anderson
24-Feb-2005, 08:15

Richard Fenner
24-Feb-2005, 08:53
"Please enter your username and password to log in."

mark anderson
24-Feb-2005, 11:22
sorry about that i forgot that was a members only site, try this one

Edward (Halifax,NS)
24-Feb-2005, 11:37
So far, so good. Will it close and if so, how?

Edward (Halifax,NS)
24-Feb-2005, 11:55
Also, did you do the finger joints on a table saw or router table?

Chauncey Walden
24-Feb-2005, 12:04
How will you insert the film holder after you have titlted the back?

mark anderson
24-Feb-2005, 13:50
the film back, and ground glass will be held in with the same system as my dads ole graphlex, lil brass bars that slide away on a diagional slot.

it will fold, the rail system is on a hinge, as is the front standard that will fold down flat

finger joints were done on a homemade jig on a table saw, it worked great. it is basiclay a plywood frame to hold the pieces upright. the pieces are all clamped to the jig with two of the pieces ofset by the width of the finger. the jig is then ran across the rip fence, and the rip fence indexed over twice the width of the finger for each finger (1/4" dado blade used)

eric mac
24-Feb-2005, 15:59
It looks really nice. Do you have plans for the bellows? I like the box joints. Anyway here is my attempt at 4x5 camera going for the simpler monorail method.


I would suggest stealing a graphloc back, it is a lot easier than trying to get .197 inch groundglass/ film plane measurement.

I bought a crown graphic at a camera show for 100 bucks, stole the back off it and sold the camera off for 75 bucks on the site by the bay.

Good Luck


Andrew O'Neill
24-Feb-2005, 19:44
Won't the film holders hit the outer box when you tilt the back?

mark anderson
24-Feb-2005, 21:17
"Won't the film holders hit the outer box when you tilt the back?"

i hope not. out side dimention of the inside box is 9 1/2 inchs so i'm hoping the film back will be smaller enough to have room....haven't een one in a long time. i will probaly be shooting 4x5 more than anything else whitch should go no problem. it the 5x7's wont fit i still have the drawing board ;-)

mark anderson
24-Feb-2005, 21:26
whew... just refound the link with film holder sizes...looks like there will be no porblems

and i already made the bellows. from my research i figured this was the plce to start and build the camera around them.

24-Feb-2005, 23:30
I think the film holders with tilted back will still be a problem. Even though the film holder may fit inside the frame, you won't be able to withdraw the darkslide, unless you take it out before mounting the holder.... :~) You might be able to put the tilt lock on top and cut the frame out a bit at the bottom to fix this. In any case, you'll find a spring back will be much less tedious to operate!


24-Feb-2005, 23:32
On second perusal, if your back protrudes enough, you may get away with enough tilt for normal shooting situations.



mark anderson
25-Feb-2005, 05:34
you guys scared me so much i forgot, tilting the inside box is just a fine tuning of the back tilt anyway the entire rail system is able to drop down or up on a hinge, this will of course require recomposition, as it will be the rails that are mounted to the trypod to keep weight centered

Edward (Halifax,NS)
25-Feb-2005, 06:36
Eric, I am stealing the back off a CC400. It is another cheap alternative and I get a rotating back too. Since I don't have access to a tablesaw I am doing my box joints with a handsaw, chisel and block plane. I would have started last night but my wife's book club meeting was cancelled. I can't work with her in the house. She is the woodworking expert and my less than professional methods drive her insane. Hopefully I will get a chance to work on it on the weekend.