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Y. Takeuchi
24-Feb-2005, 07:43
Hello. I am emailing on behalf of my friend in Japan. He is looking for an 11x14(around) pin-registration equipment (vacuum register board, transfer register board, small, print frame, clamp set for the register boards) so that he can make dye transfers.

I have emailed someone who sells equipment for it but I have not received a response.

Does anyone know any companies which carry these products?

I don't know anything about dye transfers.

Thank you,

y. takeuchi

Marco Frigerio
24-Feb-2005, 08:27
You can try with this guy, he's considered one of the dye transfer "guru", maybe he can help:




Larry Gebhardt
24-Feb-2005, 10:23
Check out http://www.alistairinglis.com/. I have emailed Alistair Inglis and he indicated he could build a larger punch and a pin block that could be attached to glass to make a trnasfer board. I imagin it wouldn't be much to make a vacuum easel with one as well. I haven't ordered from him yet, but I have heard good things. This is the route I will use unless I can find all the required equipment used.

Y. Takeuchi
26-Feb-2005, 05:53
Thank you!!

James Browning
6-Mar-2005, 11:57
Duarte makes punches and pins. They are in Palo Alto California, USA. Try searching for "duarte" and "registration punch" on google.

Regards - Jim Browning

17-Mar-2005, 23:43
Also try Glenn Evans at "glennview.com". He had several sets of Kodak pin register equipment last month.