View Full Version : Thornton and Pikard "Amber" lens on a digital camera

27-Oct-2015, 11:25
I'm still playing around with old lenses on modern cameras (Canon EOS-M mirrorless). Best picture so far is from Comic Con London so I thought that I would share. https://www.facebook.com/348651878657791/photos/a.351046661751646.1073741829.348651878657791/404481259741519/?type=3&theater Further details also on my FB page

27-Oct-2015, 14:40
I'm surprised at the quality of the image in your link, I have a TP Beck lens and it's quite good. I've not put it on a DSLR though, I could.


28-Oct-2015, 02:23
The lens itself isn't in tip top condition, although not too bad considering its age. How long it has been kicking around and off a camera is anyone's guess. As can be see from my FB page, I came into this (and photography in general) only recently and know very little. I have developed the use of antique lenses by trial and error and my later images are much better than the earlier ones. I have 5 very old lenses with 3 of them able to be used now and 2 others as work on progress on mountings (including the mystery Petzval you all helped me out with so much). I have a Beck lens with Lukos III shutter that I know the actual history of. It served in France during the First World War and will be ideal for Remembrance Sunday.