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Frank Petronio
22-Feb-2005, 19:43
Does anybody stock and sell those little screw-on tips that allow you to stick a regular cable release into those special Linhof quick-cable release gizmos?

Are the new (red metal button) Linhof quick cable release gizmos the same mechanics (and will the same release work) as the older white plastic gizmos?

And, if I buy a NEW Linhof cable release, will it work with the red and white gizmos?

Thanks in advance to Bob S. ;-)

J. P. Mose
22-Feb-2005, 21:14
The Linhof quick cable release (male) can be used on either version of Linhof quick release socket (female). The earlier black and white version are often broken. The black and red version replaced it in the very late 1960's to early 1970's. The later version has stood the test of time. It should be noted that Linhof cable releases are sold with and without the tip.

Someone else can answer if the tips are sold seperately.

Bob Salomon
23-Feb-2005, 04:26
Marflex has the old, new and current versions. 973 808-9626.