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23-Oct-2015, 13:52
I have a Toyo 4x5 camera with a Graphex lens, but I'm uncertain what the model is of either. Can anyone help me figure out what they are?

Any assistance much appreciated!




23-Oct-2015, 17:53
The camera is an intermediate version of the Toyo 45D. Earlier versions were in gray, the last in black. There was one in green as well. These cameras were the precursor to the Toyo 45G.


23-Oct-2015, 20:06
Toyo 45M made circa 1969. It uses the same lens boards as the newer Toyo View cameras, (not the field cameras) I think that's all that interchanges with the newer models.
The lens looks like a 135mm from a 4x5 Crown Graphic, it would get you shooting, but they don't have a very big image circle, and won't cover much movement.

23-Oct-2015, 20:50
I have a Toyo 4x5 camera with a Graphex lens...

Actually the lens is by Wollensak. The shutter is Graphex.

You will probably be disappointed in this lens because it never was designed for a view camera, just a press camera. Therefore the circle of illumination barely covers 4x5" film.

If you ever use the camera's movements (rise, fall, tilt, shift, etc.) you will almost immediately see the image get soft and illumination rapidly fall off.

If you like the 135mm focal length, look for a lens designed to allow the use of movements. Fuji lenses are great values these days - great glass and reasonable prices. I own several.

23-Oct-2015, 21:39
The rail on the older versions is thinner than on the Toyo G. I have seen a few Toyo bellows that had slightly thicker frames, and they will not fit this camera. Lensboards and backs are all interchangeable. The newer black rotating backs are exceptionally good.


23-Oct-2015, 23:35
The standards and the knobs look quite like the Toyo 'f' that I have, only mine's in black. I didn't know they had colour options in these. Parts still available from Toyo iirc.

Alan Gales
24-Oct-2015, 07:41
Toyo 45S?




Sal Santamaura
24-Oct-2015, 08:13
That's a D45A. It has no bail release for the ground glass frame. If it did, it'd be a D45M.

Sal Santamaura
24-Oct-2015, 15:46
Here's the manual for your camera:


27-Oct-2015, 07:34
Thank you very much to everyone who replied. I am very impressed with the quality of this forum and the obvious passion everyone here has for large format cameras!

Does anyone know if it is possible to put a digital back on this camera? Would it make sense to do that?

Oren Grad
27-Oct-2015, 08:10
Does anyone know if it is possible to put a digital back on this camera? Would it make sense to do that?

The short answers are: possible, yes; make practical sense, no.

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