View Full Version : Gell Filters

Bobby Sandstrom
22-Feb-2005, 17:08
Hi everyone. I use the Lee Filter System with my med and lrg format systems. (Kinda wish I went with glass). Anyhow, does anyone know of a safe way to clean the gell filters? Are there any proven cleaning solutions that will work without damaging them. When I received the gells new, they came wrapped in tissue and inserted into a sort of pocket/purse protector. Do you think I'm looking for trouble with scratches by not using the tissue to wrap them before I put them away in the pocket? Also, any strong thoughts on why I should sell the gells and by glass?


Jim Rice
22-Feb-2005, 17:30
Gels or resin? To my knowledge the only way to clean gels is to replace them.

Scott Rosenberg
22-Feb-2005, 18:18
i've heard that smoothing toothpaste into light abrasions will take care of them... and leave your camera bag smelling minty fresh.

ronald moravec
23-Feb-2005, 06:57
Gel filters can not be cleaned except for dusting if you are careful.

Lee polyester can be wetted. In fact I`m still using some that were submerged in a flood. I found them in the last phase of clean up. Even the Calumet cardboard holders survived reasonably well.

Plastic/resin can be polished with .3 micron abrasive. Read that point 3. Use 1 micron to start if there are scratches, then final polish with .3 .

This worked so well on plastic, I tried it on an uncoated lens to remove some scratches. It worked.