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20-Oct-2015, 20:40
My wife and I are traveling to Omaha. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to shoot in town or out of town?

Bob Salomon
21-Oct-2015, 07:14
If you have never seen Warren Buffet's pride and joy visit the Nebraska Furniture Mart. Quite a place and it isn't what the name says it is.

21-Oct-2015, 07:43
Omaha Zoo is a good place to visit and shoot.

21-Oct-2015, 07:49
SAC used to be based there at Offutt AFB. There is a SAC Museum outside of the city, if you like Aerospace.

Alan Klein
21-Oct-2015, 08:16
Omaha was SAC (USAF Strategic Air Command) Headquarters for a long time. All the bombers, intercontinental missiles etc that were on alert during the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Although I was in SAC during the 1960's, I haven't seen the museum, but it should be fascinating.

8-Nov-2015, 07:06
The Old Market downtown, college World Series. the rolling plains and platte river on the way towards the SAC museum heading to Lincoln, Memorial Park, joslyn museum will all keep you busy!

Deane Johnson
8-Nov-2015, 07:13
If you have any interest in railroading, there's an excellent U.P. Museum in Council Bluffs, and there's a U.P. Boy along with a DD-40 Diesel on display just off I-80 in Omaha next to the river.