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S. Preston Jones
21-Feb-2005, 16:33
I am looking for a backpack which will hold a 5x7 Deardorff, 4 or 5 lenses, a few holders and other small equipment and which will meet airline restrictions for carry on. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Michael Kadillak
21-Feb-2005, 19:22
Take your tape measure to the local REI or outdoor store. You only have 45 linear inches to work with for a carry on as several airlines use the 9"x14"x22" (height, width and length) combination.

I have found that a soft pack is an absolute must for carry on (versus an internal or external frame) since it can compress and wide shoulder straps are a essential. With a 5x7 and particularly without some form of a metal support member, a hip strap is not essential, but my Kelty Redwing 2900 has one that is great. I do not know what the current model of this pack is, but I got it for cheap in the spring because it was designed for back country skiing and it was the "off" season when I got it. Costco sold them for $50.

Secondly, I purchased a Tenba soft case for the other cameras that I "pack" from Keith Canham because he stocks them for the cameras that he sells and they are great protection within the pack from other equipment and the normal bouncing around that takes place when packing. The one he sells for his 5x7 cameras would be great for your prized Deardorff. Plus, the carrying handle allows you to grab it when needed.

Bring your stuff with you when you look for packs to make sure that it all fits.

Lastly, I cannot emphasize the need for a good compact, lightweight rainsuit for you and your pack when shooting in the back country.


Brian J Nelson
22-Feb-2005, 00:38
Try the Lowe Pro line of backpacks. I have several for different cameras, 4x5 technika, 5x7 technika, 8x10 Toyo M.

I think the pro trekker is the largest the airlines will accept for carry-on (please check the specifications) You will have to be creative when packing, but it should hold everything. Find a dealer that does or will stock it and take it for a test drive.

You may also want to consider a fanny pack for a few accessories like meter, lupe & maybe one or two of the lenses.

Brian j.

Scott Rosenberg
22-Feb-2005, 03:16
i haven't gone through a ridiculous number of backpacks, but i have worked with three. the first was a lowepropack super trekker which was, by my estimate, the worst backpack i've ever used. it's heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable to shoulder. i then moved to a dana designs new world, a fabulous backapack, but a top loader. the pack carries wonderfully, but the top loading got a bit tiresome. i've now switched to an osprey switch, and it's AWESOME. it carries very well and is a panel loading pack, and as long as it's not overloaded, it can be compressed to meet carry-on requirements. if i were you, i'd forget about the photo backpacks and look for more traditional backpacks, and panel loaders at that. also, check out the lowepro onmi series of bags... they will make any backpack a 'photo' backpack.

good luck, scott

Eric Wagner
22-Feb-2005, 06:20
I carry my 5x7 Deardorff with 4 lenses, 7 holders, darkcloth, small accessories and raincoat in the largest f.64 backpack. It measures 8x14x24. For serious day hiking I put my gear in 6-Pac type coolers and carry it in an external frame Jansport backpack.

Ben Calwell
22-Feb-2005, 06:31

I also have a Linhof 5x7 -- which Lowe Pro pack do you use to carry it in?

Frank Petronio
22-Feb-2005, 06:49
You need a mule for the Linhof 5x7...

Ben Calwell
22-Feb-2005, 07:06

I've already got the mule -- just wondering which Lowe Pro would fit on the beast's back.

Robert McBride
22-Feb-2005, 19:40
What do you do with the tripod? Mine couldn't fit into this space. Maybe fit it was completely taken apart. I would think that the easiest way would be to ship the equipment to a location such as a hotel or business that has agreed to hold it until your arrival.

Michael Kadillak
22-Feb-2005, 20:24
For transporting the tripod, I take off the Arca B1 ball head off of the tripod and carefully wrap it and put it and the tripod in my check in luggage. I usually use a few elastic cords to keep clothing around it to protect the tripod. The Bogen 3221 fits nicely in my $25 soft zippered duffle. I tried to carry it with me and put it in the overhead compartment and it was a pain in the ass.

Ship your film to your destination overnight one or two days with large DO NOT X RAY lettering on the exterior before you arrive and get the name of the conciere or the hotel manager and have he or she sign for it personally. Because of diabetic travelers, they usually have lockable coolers. Always have a backup plan for film even if you need to ship some in to you overnight. You just never know when a sound plan B may come in handy.


Christian Marquess
24-Feb-2005, 14:10
I was in the same dilemma not too long ago. Looked at several packs but ended up buying the Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. My Canham 5x7, 3 lenses and 5-6 film holders fit neatly inside while filters, dark cloth, accessories fit in the zippered outer sections. So far it is quite comfortable and protects my gear well...I like it a lot.

S. Preston Jones
5-Mar-2005, 20:26
Thanks for your help. I decided on the Lowepro Photo Trekker AW II. I got a new one for an excellant price on ebay. I am now fixing the insides to fit my equipment.