View Full Version : Thoughts on Bausch and Lomb 1c dated 1903

18-Oct-2015, 11:53
What do you guys think?


Dan Fromm
18-Oct-2015, 12:02
It wasn't made in 1903, it was made no earlier than 1915. It is an early f/4.5 Tessar, focal length not engraved on the lens (probably 6.5 inches, 163 mm). It is barrel, will be useless on most 4x5 cameras.

I'd pass on it, wait for a lens in shutter. Unless, of course, you have a 4x5 Speed Graphic or other camera with a focal plane shutter. If you do you can use it as is. Otherwise, not.

18-Oct-2015, 12:05
Go to my blogpost below and look at Lincoln Statue picture. I used a similar lens (5x7).

18-Oct-2015, 13:02
Thanks guys! I do have a speed graphic but still on the fence about this one.


18-Oct-2015, 13:43
What do you guys think?

Is a Lens Flange included with this Lens?

I did not see one shown... In the Listing.
Therefore, I too would definitely 'Pass' on this specific sample (*Especially at the BIN Price).


Mark Sawyer
18-Oct-2015, 14:45
For someone getting into wet plate, it would be a lovely $40 lens...