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16-Oct-2015, 21:04
I just started using the btzs tubes and have significant scratching on my negs. Is there anyway to avoid this. Or is scratching a inherent fault of the product. The tube edges seem pretty sharp and am sure it happened while removing the negs. Any suggestions are welcomed. I have done some tray development and never had scratching. These are not little scratches but big thick inch or longer and about 5 or more on each neg. All 6 negs are scratched up bad. Never had film scratching like this ever in any format.
Thanks in advance.

16-Oct-2015, 21:47
I had this problem my first time with BTZS tubes: gruesome scratches on the base side of my film. Look inside your tubes with a flashlight and feel the walls: is it perfectly smooth, or is there anything sticking out? In mine I noticed a line of small, raised dots along the tube's inner seam, like artifacts from the plastic casting. These were causing my scratches when I removed the wet film from the tube.

I had bought mine at the View Camera Store, and Fred Newman sent me a set of replacement tubes right away after I explained my issue. Haven't had a problem since. Hope this helps. Oh, and my tubes were 8x10 if that matters.

Doremus Scudder
17-Oct-2015, 01:07
Indeed, look for burrs and sharp edges from casting/cutting. These can be sanded down with very fine wet/dry sandpaper if you can't get replacements from where you bought them. I'd use a scrap sheet to check (get it wet first and simulate removing processed film).

If the problem persists, you can always go back to trays... :)


21-Oct-2015, 13:26
Thanks again everyone who replied. You were all very helpful. Update: Fred from the view camera store has sent replacements for the original tubes. They seem much better than the first set. Just wish they were not so D**N expensive or at least machined correctly from the start.

Kirk Gittings
21-Oct-2015, 19:06
Even with initially good ones I believe it is wise to periodically polish the interior with something like this. On mine I get some build up of residue from the developer which I think could cause problems if ignored:


Michael Wesik
23-Oct-2015, 07:07
If sanding doesn't do the trick you can also pour acetone very carefully into your tubes and pour out immediately. It will start to melt the plastic and leave you with a really smooth surface.

23-Oct-2015, 08:35
Had near the same problem with scratches in my DIY BTZS tubes, got rid of everything just sanding with 600 and 1200 wet sand paper, slightly immersed previously in plain water. Can feel the very smooth surface with the fingers now, and last use just confirmed the scratches has gone,



23-Oct-2015, 09:31
+1, just did the sanding at the beginning. Just wondering, 4X5 or 8X10?