View Full Version : Goofy goof cleans a Eurynar

14-Oct-2015, 12:07
Long story short. I just extracted a Eurynar 16,5cm from a beaten up folder. The lens was, not surprisingly, quite dirty. So I cleaned it up, but went a bit further than it was advisable (given that I am all thumbs), by unscrewing and opening the rear part.
Needlessly to say it dropped leaving me with
a) a single lens
b) a washer
c) a cylindrical assembly
I mounted it with the lens of the external part of the assembly flat, the washer, and the single lens convex on the external. Once mounted in the shutter, the single lens faces outwards.
Sounds reasonable? The result photographs seem acceptable, but I need to close to 18 to get a good sharpness (close up still life).
Thank you.