View Full Version : Lenses for Calumet CC 401.

13-Oct-2015, 09:24
Good afternoon .
I have a Calumet CC401 Camera with lens 150mm Fujinoin. I want a wide angle lens. Large format which would be a wide-angle lens? one 90 mm 80 mm? May indicate me a great good angle for the camera Calumet CC 401. Thank you.


Tin Can
13-Oct-2015, 09:32
Get 90 mm they are the most affordable.

13-Oct-2015, 13:16
with that camera and a 90mm lens you'll want to use a recessed lensboard too.

17-Oct-2015, 22:29
A recessed lensboard for that camera will be too tight for some shutters (Copal 0) even to attach a cable release. I've tried 90 degree and U turn cable release tip adapters to get a cable release out of the recess. They are too big too. The lens _can_ be mounted to the board with the cable release already attached, but then there's no room to cock the shutter. Limited utility there.

My 90mm lens is mounted on a flat lens board, and it focuses to infinity -- barely, with _zero_ movements --.