View Full Version : UV densitometer - which one?

11-Oct-2015, 20:17
Hello, I have recently started printing my large-format negatives using platinum/palladium and am looking at densitometers that read in the UV spectrum to speed the process of determining the actual contrast of the negative in terms of transmission of UV light through highlight and shadow areas. We have had the X-Rite 361T recommended to us by someone who has one, but we can't immediately find one. There are a couple of Macbeth models (TD929 and TR927) and a Gretag Macbeth D200-II that we have seen, but we don't know enough about the different models to know how they all stack up against the X-Rite or against each other.

Does anyone have any opinions or advice about these?

Thanks very much,

John Jarosz
14-Oct-2015, 06:17
I have the 361T. Works well, no complaints. Setup a search on Ebay and they'll notify you when one comes up for sale. They show up here in the for sale area but you'll have to wait a month before you get access to that section.