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Darin Boville
11-Oct-2015, 00:19
Hot off the press--or in this case my new 44-inch printer, a Canon ipf8400... :)

"21 Days" is an excerpt from a set of 189 images made from the first sheet of paper from the print edition of the New York Times, from 9-11-2002 (the one year anniversary of 9-11), to the end of major combat in Iraq. There is a one image "epilogue." They are printed on 24x30 paper, three prints per image. I'm attaching eight images from "21 Days" here. All comments/criticisms are welcome although please remember the forum rules about politics. You are free to message me anything you want to say that you can't post here.


140837 140838 140839 140840

Darin Boville
11-Oct-2015, 00:20
140841 140842 140843 140844

Darin Boville
11-Oct-2015, 12:19
Oh, I forgot to mention. These images are made using a Nikon D800E, nine images each, stitched together. I taped each NYT to my living room window and then set up a very large soft box out in the yard, pressing against the window, with an Alien Bees 800 unit inside. Neighbors must have thought it quite odd. Inside, I set up the camera with a 300mm lens. Stitched with Autopano Pro. Of course, I had saved the NYT sheets from when they were delivered thirteen years ago...


12-Oct-2015, 20:18
Hard to get the full effect, I imagine, looking at jpegs on a small screen, but I like the concept.

Darin Boville
12-Oct-2015, 21:03
Hard to get the full effect, I imagine, looking at jpegs on a small screen, but I like the concept.

Very hard, I'm afraid, you are exactly correct. In fact, they don't really work even on 17x22 inch paper, let alone a computer screen. I shot these in 2013 but waited to print them until just now after I had purchased the bigger printer. I have a number of projects that have been waiting in the same way...


13-Oct-2015, 04:40
So I'm thinking about when I first saw one of those Jasper John "flag" paintings in a book, and rolled my eyes, as that was a straight representation of a familiar object, until I saw one up-close at MOMA in NYC, and I had seen that the painting was a thin veneer of paint over MANY layers of newsprint layer after layer, to an unknown depth, and I understood the metaphor of so much complex information under the surface of our old glory...

Maybe you do not need THAT many layers, but I'm thinking this is a first layer/plane and maybe what is in front or behind (light effect/projection) ???

Perhaps letting these become 3 dimensional like they are rolling around, blowing in the wind??? (Prints maybe crumpled???) Yesterday's news???

Paper thin metaphors????

These could also be "paper negatives" and contact printed... Maybe multiple printed??? Or projected onto something/someone???

I think there is a basis to take this further... But this is a first step... Think through this some more...

Steve K