View Full Version : Virginia/West Virginia Mountains

10-Oct-2015, 13:06
I'm going to be traveling up to the Covington/Hot Springs area next weekend (10/17-18) to shoot the colors.

I've never been to the area before, does anyone have suggestions on areas/sites/locations to visit, especially for sunrises/sets?


- Stoog

16-Feb-2016, 06:52
Hey Stoog,

Sorry I couldn't respond in time for your trip, I just found your post. I live in the Shenandoah Valley at the base of the Blue Ridge and know the area quite well. I also have a studio, workshop space and darkroom in Staunton Virginia, and would be glad to point out some places you might be interested in shooting. My email is manupropria210@gmail.com. Get in touch if you ever want to come up this way again and I'll be sure to roll out the red carpet. I'm heading down 81s to go through NC on my way to the low country of South Carolina the last week of March for camping and shooting film.