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Ken Lee
20-Feb-2005, 16:13
I keep trying to post this message, but the HTML seems to be wrongly interepreted. I believe my HTML is correctly formed.

<a href=http://www.kenleegallery.com/images/buckland.jpg</a>">
Here is an example where the vignetting on the 400T blended into the darkness of some passing clouds. It's a good lens for what it does: allows you to get a long reach with much less bellows draw.

Scott Rosenberg
20-Feb-2005, 16:44

strange... i can't get it to work either. seems like it's not recognizing the <img src> instruction.

there's been some really wierd stuff going on with the site today... hopefully a moderator will chime in soon.


Ralph Barker
20-Feb-2005, 19:07
I sent Tom an e-mail. He'll will need to take a look at the scripts. A similar problem occured some time back, and he fixed it then, but the behavior seems to have reverted.

Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2005, 11:37
I beleive I have fixed the problem. Nice photo, BTW.

Ken Lee
21-Feb-2005, 12:11
Thanks Tom.

I was finally able to post my response to the other thread (http://www.largeformatphotography.info/lfforum/topic/501081.html" target="_blank)

Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2005, 12:21
Great. I think I'll convert the auto-url thing to use the style codes some other forums use. That way I can give up creating ever more complex regular expressions to predict when and when not to convert urls to clickable links. It makes the user tell me when they want it converted. I'll probably include as well.

David R Munson
21-Feb-2005, 15:35
I think I'll convert the auto-url thing to use the style codes some other forums use.

Tom, let me make one request. If you do this, PLEASE don't eliminate the option to use proper html tags in posts. I currently post on and in the past have posted on a lot of different forums, and it is incredibly irritating when the tags you're really used to using aren't applicable and you find yourself having to using striaight brackets all the time. Adding the style tags might make things easier for some, but if they become the only option I believe overall usability takes a nose dive.

Just a thought!

Tom Westbrook
21-Feb-2005, 15:50
Not to worry, David. It would only be for automatiacally making clickable links and IMG tags. It would be too much trouble to disable HTML altogether. I noticed some boards go a little overboard with this, e.g. to make text italic , you'd enter instead of . Wow.

I only plan on using these:



somesite (http://www.somesite.com)


somesite (www.somesite.com)

David R Munson
21-Feb-2005, 16:46
Ah, good to hear. I post on a few forums where you pretty much can't use any html tags at all, and it is a nightmare.