View Full Version : Meopta Belar 4,5/210mm

8-Oct-2015, 16:35
Does anyone have info on this lens?
is it sharp at 4.5, is it coated?

what is the image circle -would it cover 5x7 with a bit of movements?

thanks alot?

Oren Grad
8-Oct-2015, 16:56
It was offered with the Meopta Magnola 13x18 cm camera:


John Kasaian
8-Oct-2015, 16:57
i thought the Belar was Meopta's name used for it's enlarging lens?

8-Oct-2015, 17:10
Supposedly a Tessar type, see last paragraph here:


Liquid Artist
10-Oct-2015, 21:28
i thought the Belar was Meopta's name used for it's enlarging lens?
I have an 80mm right in front and you are right. It is en enlarging lens.
With that in mind a 210mm is designed for a 5x7 enlarger, so I would think it would cover a 5x7 camera too. However there may not be much movements.

11-Oct-2015, 06:06
It is for 5x7. If using it on a Durst, it should have coverage for perspective control.

11-Oct-2015, 14:56
I own this lens, but I'm really not shure if it is coated or not.
I own a 4,5/210 Xenar, too, and they both are looking like twins, except the Belar has no filter thread.
Used them on a Plaubel 5x7", coverage and some movements were given.
I love them both.
Both are sitting in a compound.
If you need more data of movements, I will hang the Belar onto my Globica..

I have had some problems with my Xenar and Macro, doesn't work so good, it was not sharp enough.
F4,5 is ok to me, but here, I usually look at the unsharpness :-)
Closed, both lenses are sharp enough to me.

Coated or not, depending on the direction of light, you will get a ( lovely) mild character.