View Full Version : Paris in November!?

7-Oct-2015, 11:47
I am planning a two-three week shooting trip to Paris next month - and am looking for someone there into the LF fine art scene that can help me - find a place to stay that is reasonable, maybe Le Marais? Need some place to develop film. And, I'd like to meet Parisian artists and share ideas, concepts, etc. To get to know me more check out dugganphotography.com ... If it looks like something might work - I'll really jump back on my high-school French and see what I can resurrect!

Thanks. Mike Duggan

bob carnie
7-Oct-2015, 11:48
Paris Photo is in November.. I think this would the place to be.I wish I could attend.

Emmanuel BIGLER
7-Oct-2015, 13:03

This year 2015: Nov. 12 - 15
At Grand Palais, near the Champs-Élysées avenue (http://www.grandpalais.fr/fr/grand-palais-acces-public)

7-Oct-2015, 15:34
We stayed here and enjoyed it immensely

8-Oct-2015, 06:02
Bring ISO 400 film or faster; it's often cloudy there, and November is an especially dark month.

8-Oct-2015, 06:33
Le Marais is a lovely place to stay .. ;-)

8-Oct-2015, 13:04
Well - I only shoot ASA 100 with 4x5, but have the tripod - I will have to hope for rain with some general light reflecting off interesting wet surfaces - although I usually am strong on lights and shadows! Especially dark month?! It's the only month when I can go ...

Andrew Plume
20-Nov-2015, 05:01
Hello Mike

...........and as we all know, there have been some recent significant developments

with that in mind, best not just to bring an LF set up but something that's light and easy to hand hold. Would be a good idea to always keep your passport with you when you're out and about

good luck and regards