View Full Version : Help identifying these 2 large format cameras please

6-Oct-2015, 21:00
I have two large format cameras that I need help in identifying. I would be very grateful for any help with this. Thank you very much in advance.

This is camera #1:

This is camera #2:

Tim Meisburger
6-Oct-2015, 21:08
Sinar Norma fitted with bag bellows. Some people consider this the finest camera ever made. Lots of info online.

6-Oct-2015, 21:11
Thanks Tim but are they both Sinar Norma cameras?

Tim Meisburger
6-Oct-2015, 22:59

7-Oct-2015, 04:25
Camera #1 is missing the tripod mounting clamp...

7-Oct-2015, 04:45
The Sinar Norma was designed in Switzerland by Carl Hans Koch in the late 40's, and built there until the very early 70's, when it was replaced by the F and P lines. It was the first modular rail camera. The design was so good that many parts are interchangeable with later Sinar models that were mainstays among commercial photographers when they used large format. The Norma was all metal and beautifully made, and they are still in demand because of their beauty and function.

By the way, I moved the thread to the "Cameras" forum.

Rick "whose main 4x5 camera is a Sinar F2" Denney