View Full Version : are 10 3/4 dagors "rare"?

5-Oct-2015, 14:28
Just got one from a fellow forum member, after having been looking for this FL for a LONG time. Have only seem one other a while back in even worse shape then this one (though with some work it will live again).

So - is the FL more rare then others? if so, why?

Len Middleton
5-Oct-2015, 14:50
Actually have the Kenro version in that focal length and have seen other Kenro labelled Dagors in that focal length on the auction web site.

Oren Grad
5-Oct-2015, 15:06
I'd say "less common", in the same way that the 270 G-Claron seems to be less common than the 305 - evidently 8x10 users have tended to prefer the normal focal length to the semi-wide. But I've never seen production figures for Dagors or G-Clarons to corroborate this impression. My own preference happens to be the opposite - I'm happier with 270 or 10 3/4.

Note as well that the main plasmat lines of the big four never included a 270 focal length, even though 135 was commonly offered for 4x5. I don't know why the difference between 4x5 and 8x10 in that respect; perhaps something to do with 4x5 being relatively more commonly used in the field. But that's purely speculation on my part.