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28-Sep-2015, 17:28
when shooting xray film, how do you account for reciprocity failure, seems to me up to a minute its fine but after that seems to need a bit more added time, the film im using now is the Kodak film that only has emulsion on one side seems a bit different than the Fuji xray film that I have used in the past as far as reciprocity is concerned. I really like it because I can process it in the btzs tubes without scratching it all to hell. : ) thanks for any info.

29-Sep-2015, 00:36
Frankly, I don't most of the time, and it does seem to get me into trouble. I have the impression that reciprocity failure on the film I use is pretty bad and needs to be accounted for from about 1 second. I'm planning to apply the fomapan corrections to it to see if that'll get me in the ballpark. Any additional input would be appreciated!

29-Sep-2015, 04:33
Depends on which film, obviously. I used to compensate for anything over a couple of seconds with Fuji HR-T. I haven't done anything with Agfa that would need compensation.

Fr. Mark
29-Sep-2015, 19:06
Ektascan B/RA seems to respond to tmax100 reciprocity figures reasonably well.
In one of the 250 page long xray threads, I think it was Andrew O'Neill published some data he'd generated.

Hope this helps.