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Paul Fitzgerald
16-Feb-2005, 21:26
Hello everyone,

I recently received 3 large boxes of old photo books so now I have 14 binders of Kodak data guides and quite a few old photo almanacs. These contain dozens of old, original formulas for film and paper developers, fixers, toners, ect.

Does everyone want me to post them here? and in which style?

It would take some time, I'm not the world fastest typist.


Jorge Gasteazoro
16-Feb-2005, 21:28
I would like to see them, specially the stainning formulas... :)

Michael Kadillak
16-Feb-2005, 22:04
Can you just scan them to post? Sure be easier than typing. Maybe someone in your area would volunteer to assist in the effort. I am in Colorado.

Thanks for willingness to share them with the forum.


Conrad Hoffman
16-Feb-2005, 23:02
Unless you have something really unusual, the formulas will duplicate the usual Kodak stuff, and/or be the same ones included in Anchell & Troop's books. Still, it's nice to have as many references as possible. What you could do is make a spreadsheet. Put the formula numbers across the top, and a list of all possible chemicals (there aren't that many) down the left. Now, just enter the quantities of whatever is needed. Leave the unneeded stuff blank. This makes it very easy to compare what's in what, and very easy to know if you have what's needed to make any given formula. Doesn't take long to enter, either.

CP Goerz
17-Feb-2005, 00:55
Some warm tone print developers would be nice. Also are there any paper developers that have pyro in them?

CP Goerz.

Diane Maher
17-Feb-2005, 05:16
I could make pdf files of them.

Janko Belaj
17-Feb-2005, 05:26
Paul, can you scan and send me [foto_at_handdesign_dot_hr] few pages? we have good ocr sw which can help in creating searchable txt or pdf files. Or you can try to find one to install it on your computer... Janko

Paul Fitzgerald
17-Feb-2005, 21:24
Good evening people,

Thanks, enough people want them so I will try and get this done over the weekend. I will post them as seperate threads for film, paper, toners and misc. and use HTML so they all align on everyone's monitors. Scanning them and saving in a .pdf file would make them take too long to load on a dial-up and use too much space here. They may duplicate other books but people outside the U.S.A. usually cannot get any books on photography locally. I will also leave out the U.S. measurments, no one uses them anymore and it will save time typing.

Hope they're a help.

Tom Westbrook
18-Feb-2005, 07:44
It might be better to create one or more articles for the main Home Page. Talk to Tuan about it. He's been agitating for more articles.

Darin Cozine
18-Feb-2005, 10:32
Yes definately send them to QT for inclusion as articles.

Paul Fitzgerald
20-Feb-2005, 13:08
Hi there,

This is going to take longer than I thought, life gets in the way. Here's a partial list of film developers, I haven't gone thru all of the books yet:

Burki's Pyro

Standard Glycin

SD-19 Hot Shot

DeFero's DK-20X

Sease #3 Fine Grain

Edwal #12

Defender ND-3

777 Fine grain

Defender D-6

King's All-in-One

D-1 pyro

D-7 pyro

D-8 caustic

D-11 M-Q

DK-15 tropical

D-19 high

DK-20 M-Q

D-23 soft

D-25 fine

D-32 warm-tone

DK-50 M-Q

DK-60a M-Q

D-61 M-Q

D-72 M-Q

D-76 M-Q

D-82 extreme

D-84 pyro

D-85 lith


Agfa17 borax

Agfa17M metaborate

Agfa20 M-Q

Agfa22 M-Q

Agfa30 X-ray


Agfa42 M-Q

Agfa45 Pyro

Agfa47 M-Q

Agfa48M metaborate

Agfa61 M-Q

Agfa64 tropical

Agfa70 caustic

Agfa72 glycin

Agfa73 extreme

Agfa79 lith

Agfa81 lith

Agfa90 high

Ansco 12 Fine grain

It looks like there are even more formulas for paper , toners, misc. I think this will be an on-going project.