View Full Version : LF photos of Super Moon + Eclipse + Moon Festival?

27-Sep-2015, 03:59
Is anyone (else) planning to do some LF photographing Sunday evening? I know the moon is still fairly small even on a 300-400mm lens on 4x5, but I am going to look some sunset / moonrise photos anyway. Any advice on exposure etc.?

27-Sep-2015, 09:13
If the clouds cooperate I'll be shooting it with a 400/800mm lens on a Pentax 67II. At this time, though, the weather looks iffy and highly dependent on where you are at. For example the could cover for Oakland at 5pm is forecast at 90% covered, at 6pm it drops to 80% and at 7pm its at 50%.From 7pm to 2am it stays at 60%. Winds are light (0-5mph).

For determining exposure I have been successful using a 1-degree Pentax spotmeter. Place the spot on the illuminated part for a good idea of exposure. However, the moon rises over Oakland at 7:01 (from Mt. Diablo @ 7:00) and totality will occur at 7:11PM. See here for more detail: http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2015/22sep_lunareclipse/


27-Sep-2015, 10:52
If the clouds cooperate I'll be shooting it with a 400/800mm lens on a Pentax 67II.

I'm limited to a 500mm lens on Hasselblad 500cm. The full moon image would be only about 5mm in size if I guesstimated properly. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Using LF without significant foreground would waste of a lot of film, and with att 27.60 the hills here aren't tall enough to place.

(I really appreciate the Hasselblads 'pre-fire' option. Only the very still leaf shutter moves during exposure. Like LF!)

Hope your sky is clear, Thomas.

27-Sep-2015, 11:32
Yet again the weather is crap tonight :(.

Every eclipse in this cycle has been a bust here.

27-Sep-2015, 11:38
Yet again the weather is crap tonight :(.
Every eclipse in this cycle has been a bust here..

Bummer! But a funny. I was talking to my brother who lives in Northern California (Humboldt County). When I mentioned scouting for good locations to do the eclipse he said, "You might have a good view. We see the other side from here."

27-Sep-2015, 11:57

Well, regarding the lack of foreground you mentioned...do a double exposure! Those are fun.

27-Sep-2015, 12:06
Yea probably give in to realities and use my dSLR again :-) May try to get the Sunset/Moonrise golden light with the 4x5 though, depending on whether I can convince my wife to be photographed again

Drew Wiley
28-Sep-2015, 09:19
... If I were still up in the mtns it would be fun. Here all I expect is a lot of fog and a lot of my inevitable Sun evening chores. So no, I'm not going to a lot of fuss,
though I do have my 300EDIF lens installed on my P67 for potential quickie use, and recently machined an exceptionally stable mounting adapter for using it on
my big Ries tripod. I've got way to many seasonal cleaning & tuneup duties on my view cameras & lenses going on right now to deal with them, not to mention all
the remaining sheets of film to process from recent trips.

Drew Wiley
28-Sep-2015, 10:16
... retro speculation on my part... I did not in fact see a damn thing last night. Too early in the evening and foggy indeed.

28-Sep-2015, 10:39
Well I prepared. Set up the 'blad w/500mm lens in the afternoon. It was a good, clear night. When it came up I saw how small the image was and settled with sitting on the back steps watching it with my wife, singing Harvest Moon. :)

28-Sep-2015, 20:41
I raced to the perfect spot.... set up.... waited.... the clouds didn't break, so nothing.
Funny, usually I'm hoping for clouds.