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26-Sep-2015, 16:07
Hi folks,

LF film is not sold where I live so I have to import and for the last 5 yrs I have been importing and shooting Kodak Portra, Ektar and Fuji FP100C. Recently, I wanted to start trying different films, including reversal film from Fuji but I have a major issue. The Customs Division here occasionally open up the boxes of film I import to inspect; if they damage the sealed foil pouch that Kodak film comes in during the inspection, I would notice, at which point I can make a claim and get a refund. Trouble is, I once ordered Ilford HP5 and that film does not come in a sealed pouch, just a black folded plastic bag; there was no way for me to tell if the film was exposed or not and even if I did, I couldn't prove that Customs exposed the sheets as the plastic bag does not have any signs it was inspected (ability for Customs to open a box is law, but they can't damage the contents). Question:

Is Fuji slide film packaged in a sealed pouch like Kodak colour negative film? Thanks for any assistance - I am really itching to order some film but losing $72 USD is not cool!

NB: I did post this on another photography forum but did not get all my questions answered; the parts of my question that was answered (BW film) I have removed from this post.

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26-Sep-2015, 17:05
Great. Thank you!!!

26-Sep-2015, 18:06
Also, the sealed packets are better. I got an expired box of film that had one of the packets open. The open packet was fogged in from the edges but the sealed one was perfect.

27-Sep-2015, 03:27
I want to try some old stock at some point (E100G most likely) so that would be a good question to ask a seller on eBay; I would probably stay away from packets that are already open or those that are packaged like Ilford film; I know that by doing this, Ilford saves money for the customer which is a good thing, just not in my case.