View Full Version : Which lens board should I use?

26-Sep-2015, 14:12
I would like to build adapters so that all my lens can be mounted on one type of board. Initially I thought I would use crown Graphic boards, but recently got a 5x7 that uses Linhof boards. I like them, and they are plentiful and cheap on ebay, so before I jump into this project I thought I would ask you guys which lens board you would use, and why?

I have a couple of Crowns, a couple of Cambos, a Bender, a Gundlach Korona, and the Eastman View Camera which already has been adapted to Linhof boards.

26-Sep-2015, 14:36
linhof. It's the most popular and most lenses will fit them.

26-Sep-2015, 15:37
I agree with Vinny but I had adapter boards for my Toyo monorail for both Graphic and Technika. However, I never used the Graphic adapter boards... I had them 'just in case'.

Doremus Scudder
27-Sep-2015, 02:45
Technika boards (the Linhof smaller ones, 96x99mm). They are small and just about everyone makes an adapter for them. I have all my lenses on Technika or similar secondary brand lensboards. I have a Technika to Sinar adapter and have made my own adapters to get them to 4x4-inches so I can use them on my Zone VI wood camera and my Graphic View. My other cameras take Technika boards.



27-Sep-2015, 03:03
I agree on Linhof Technika boards, I've just made an adapter board for my 10x8 Agfa Ansco cameras to allow the use of the lenses I use with my Wista. I've also started but not finished an adater to use the same boards with my Seneca City View 7x5 camera.


27-Sep-2015, 09:24
I have most of my Goerz lenses mounted on 4" Deardorff boards. I have a 4/6" adaptor for the Dorff, and an adaptor I had custom made to mount them on the Sinar. Most of my modern lenses are all mounted on Sinar boards. I would mount them on the smallest reasonably accessible board so you can mount up to the larger ones.

Alan Gales
27-Sep-2015, 10:46
I mounted my lenses on Technika boards. I had Bruce Wehman drill me a Wehman board for my 14" Commercial Ektar in the huge Ilex #5. Ari was on here recently and said he had a Technika board drilled out at a machine shop for the same lens.

29-Sep-2015, 05:20
Most of my lenses are on Crown Graphic boards. For my Cambo 4x5" cameras, I have one of their lens boards which was made to accept Crown boards.

The only lenses not on Crown boards are those that are really wide or long. For example my 75mm f/6.8 and 90mm f/4.5 wide angles which need to be on Cambo recessed lens boards and my 300mm f/5.6 which would be too long for the Crown bellows (and possibly too heavy).

I like this setup because the 4x4" Crown boards are so much smaller than the Cambo 6x6" boards making packing lenses for transport far more convenient.