View Full Version : Bad strange prints Epson 3880

26-Sep-2015, 05:24
All at once I have bad Epson 3880 prints. Anyone know what this problem can be? Tries new pringterdriver, tries to print from another Mac, tried new USB-cable. Ink tanks are full enough. Tried cleaning program several times. Printing to a simple Espon XP-860 gives a good result. Sometimes the Epson 3880 comes with a green hue, sometimes (most of the times) the dark parts are inverted.


Ken Lee
26-Sep-2015, 06:24
From which application are you printing ? There are many settings and dialog boxes. If your images are coming out reversed, it sounds like software. Have you specified the correct printer profile and other settings ?

Have you agitated your ink cartridges ?

Have you tried different paper ?

26-Sep-2015, 06:26
Thanks Ken, tried all kinds of papers, ICC-profiles. Printing from Lightroom. Printing from Lightroom to al my other printers is doing fine.

Jon Shiu
26-Sep-2015, 06:31
You don't mention how the nozzle check looks. Did you print nozzle check and did all bars/colors print perfectly?


26-Sep-2015, 06:35
Yes nozzle check is OK, It looks like something is wrong with the blacks. Here's a print from Adoce Illustrator. The one below is print on xp-860 the one on top is the one from 3880.140143

26-Sep-2015, 06:58
I think I solved the problem. The black print nozzle was not OK. I did the extended test.

27-Sep-2015, 04:21
I suspected this. It seems like only one ink channel (PK) not joining the party. Odd that the initial nozzle check came out ok!