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Robert Opheim
25-Sep-2015, 16:32
I recently purchase a 19 inch Artar lens. I tried a 58mm filter which was too large. Mine lens serial #824653 after Goerz dropped the C. P. from the name around 1966 or 1967. Is this 57.5mm inside tread, or 57mm inside thread? I didn't realize Goerz liked odd filter ring sizes. All of the the ones I have, I have had to use slip on filters for - but they are from the 1930's and 1940's. I haven't been able to locate a 2 1/2 inch slip on holder which would also work for the Artar lens. My goal is to size up to 67mm which the majority of my filters are. I do use series V, VI, on my smaller older lens. the 19" Artar lens looks like it would take a series VIII or perhaps a IX.

Thanks Bob

Mark Sampson
25-Sep-2015, 17:22
I'd bet that Goerz never intended the Artar to take screw-in filters. Long ago I worked with a Robertson process camera with a 19" Artar; it had a matte box attached to the front for filters, and filter frames for 12" gels on the lights. Later on when I used another one as part of an 8x10 kit, I taped gels behind the lens.
Not perhaps the ideal situation but it worked. I bet some dedicated searching will help you find a suitable adapter... even if old camera stores with drawers full of that stuff are mostly gone.

Tin Can
25-Sep-2015, 17:47
I use this system. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/162544-REG/LEE_Filters_GS_Gel_Snap_4x4_Filter.html

25-Sep-2015, 19:08
I was looking at a Goerz lens spec paper today, for the older barrel type lens line there were waterhouse inserts for filters, I didn't know about that, I was aware only for waterhouse f-stops used on these slots,

Robert Opheim
26-Sep-2015, 09:59
I was wondering if anyone uses filters in the waterhouse stop insert provided in the lens. My lens is a fairly late Goerz lens from around 1967 and it still has f/stop diaphram - but still has the waterhouse stop opening in the barrel. Is there anyone here on the forum that worked in the photography end of graphic arts before it computerized that would know about the use of the waterhouse opening? and does anyone use the opening for a filter holder?

Mark Sampson
26-Sep-2015, 15:40
I never used a process camera for real graphic-arts purposes, only photographic copies and the occasional half-tone (making those is/was a craft in itself). But I believe the waterhouse slot was used for more sophisticated half-tones, never did it (or learned it properly) so can't say for sure... with luck someone else will chime in. But I see no reason why you couldn't put a gel in there for color correction or b/w tone control.

Keith Fleming
26-Sep-2015, 16:07
Just for info, I have a 19-inch Red Dot Artar, and I had S. K. Grimes make an adapter that takes 67 mm filters. I have no experience with the original Artars, so I don't know if there are any threads on the front of the lens. But if there are, Grimes can make an adapter. Even if there are no threads, Grimes also can make a push-on adapter.


Robert Opheim
27-Sep-2015, 12:03
Thank you Keith - I use old Kodak push on filter holders on my 3 5/8 inch and 4 3/8 inch wide angle dagors and it has worked very well.

Robert Opheim
27-Sep-2015, 12:06
I recall making half tones by photographing a screen for part of the exposure (maybe 1/3) on ortho? It was a long time ago.

Robert Opheim
27-Sep-2015, 12:07
Mark I do miss the drawers full of adapters, filters, parts, etc.