View Full Version : WA lensboard to deep for SSXL80 lens

John C Murphy
16-Feb-2005, 14:30
I recently bought a Schneider Super Symmar XL 80mm (SSXL80) lens and mounted it on my Toyo monorail wide angle lensboard only to discover that the lens doesn't protrude beyond the front of the lensboard, making it hard to attach a Lee filter holder. Any thoughts?

John C Murphy
16-Feb-2005, 14:31
sorry, that should read "TOO deep".

ronald moravec
16-Feb-2005, 18:30
If you need the recessed board to focus infinity, then use rear mount filters. I think the back is threaded for screw in. My 110 is 67 front and 52 rear.

You can also use the Zenophon holder from Calumet and Lee polyesters in it. Works well but makes the storage more difficult.

Maybe you need a bag bellows. You will have more movement, use current filters, and can use even wider lenses.