View Full Version : Fuji FP-3000b45 availability (4x5)

23-Sep-2015, 23:38
Does anyone know if this film is still being manufactured and sold in Japan? I know it and the smaller 3000b was discontinued in the US but I've heard rumors that it was still being distributed in Japan.

Oren Grad
24-Sep-2015, 06:43
The Fuji website clearly states that production of FP-3000B45 has been discontiniued:

FP-3000B45 SUPER SPEEDYは、生産終了いたしました。


Looking at major Japanese retailers, a check of Yodobashi Camera shows the same thing - sale of this item has been discontinued:


It no longer shows up at all on the Bic Camera website.

As always, there might be some remaining stock floating around - there appears to be a fair amount in quarter plate size, which has also been discontinued.

24-Sep-2015, 06:53
I suspect it is also discontinued.

As far as availability, Japan Exposures (http://www.japanexposures.com/shop/film-analog/instant-b-w-film-fp-3000b45-super.html) shows sold out. However, a Brooklyn big auction house seller has 3 for a deeply discounted :rolleyes: of $177 each + shipping and a German seller has it for a little over $200 each.

24-Sep-2015, 07:40
Thanks gentleman. Disappointing, but not surprising.

24-Sep-2015, 12:08
Wow.... Didn't realize I was sitting on a gold mine. I have at least 4 boxes left....