View Full Version : paper tips for use in a vc 7700. LPL Saunder

Ricardo Maydana
23-Sep-2015, 13:01
hello, paper tips for use in a vc 7700. LPL for more than 10 years stop using the darkroom. kodak time used in those papers, with dektol. to stay current with what options they have today and developer should work.

23-Sep-2015, 14:54
Dektol is still my favorite. But I have replaced polycontrast with Ilford multigrade. Where are you located? Where are you getting paper? If you are ordering from Freestyle, check out their selection. Most of the papers they carry perform very well.

Ricardo Maydana
23-Sep-2015, 18:33
Hello. thanks for the comments. I live in Paraguay, luckily I buy paper online. Now that Kodak stopped making paper, forcing me to look for substitutes. in the future I will try Bergger. both paper and revealing.