View Full Version : Shorter rail for Super Cambo 8x10?

16-Feb-2005, 09:14
Do any of the current rails fits this older camera? Having a 40" rail is nice for some things but it sure wouldn't hurt to have a smaller one [20"?] for most of the time. It doesn't look like anything fancy just a square rail.

David Karp
16-Feb-2005, 12:02

If you have the older style 1" square aluminum rail, you can try a metals supply house to see if they have any 1" square aluminum extrusion lying around. See if it fits, and they might sell you a piece of scrap for a low amount. Just be sure to take some steps to make sure that you can't focus the standards off the end of the rail. Perhaps something as simple as a thumbscrew at either end would work.

The "current" rails for the Calumet 45NX-II should work with the older Super Cambo cameras. Calumet will have them in stock. The current rails for the Legend, etc. will not work with the old square rail cameras.

16-Feb-2005, 12:24
Sounds good. I'll look around. Thanks.

17-Feb-2005, 01:43
I'm using 1" square aluminum tubing and it works well. Because the 1" tube is slightly bigger than the 25mm tube of the original rail, you might have to back off the plastic setscrews (located by the focussing knobs) which adjust the amount of play between the standard and the rail. Otherwise it works well. I also made a "joiner" so that I keep the shortest length possible on the camera for transport, and then put on an extension when I set up, depending on the lens I'll be using.


17-Feb-2005, 05:47
Both my tripod mounts are a little loose. Seems they both have the same screw that is a problem. Other then replacing the screws should I look at doing anything else?