View Full Version : Technika serial number location

Scott Whitford
15-Feb-2005, 19:16
OK, I give up....

Where do I find the serial number marking on a Technika V?


Juergen Sattler
15-Feb-2005, 19:57

I am not sure on the Tech V, but on the III and IV the Serial Number is on the Cold Shoe on top of the camera.


David A. Goldfarb
15-Feb-2005, 20:06
The serial number should be on the shoe on a Tech V, but sometimes the shoe may not be original, so just to check you should remove the shoe, and it will also be on the camera under the shoe. To remove the shoe look inside the camera just underneath it, and you'll find a knurled nut that you can unscrew. You'll also notice when you remove the shoe that you have a tripod hole there, so you can mount the camera upside down, which is handy if you need front fall or to mount the camera at a low angle on the bottom of a tripod center column.