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don girard
18-Sep-2015, 22:39
I have just purchased a 4X5 super speed graphic with an optar 135mm lens. I consider this to be a wide angle lens. Most of my work (scenery) will be 300mm and up. I whish to have a 300mm lens as the basic lens and so would like to have the speed graphic lid close up with the lens installed. I have read this is possible with a niccor-m 300 f/9. Problem is I have just read that I can only shoot at infinity because of the 12" extension. I don't care about shooting at under 60'. I also just read that there is a Fuji C 300 that is a 300mm lens that is only 285mm from board to gg. ( How this is possible without is being a telephoto I don't know?) However this would seem to me to be the lens to use but can I close the camera up with it installed? THIS IS THE QUESTION> Or can I focus down to 60' with the Nikkor installed on the speedgraphic? Also there might be a problem using the tilt. I have never used a tilt so I am in the dark about this. Matter of fact I have never used a medium format camera. Any helpful suggestion would be appreciated.

19-Sep-2015, 06:33
How this is possible without is being a telephoto I don't know?
Flange focal distance is set based on how the lens designer positions the lens elements in the housing.

If you don't already have a 300mm lens and are not planning on getting an 8x10 camera, why not get a telephoto designed for a 4x5 camera?

19-Sep-2015, 06:51
I've use my 300mm f9 Nikon M on my Wista 45DX which has the same bellows extension as my Super Graphic, it's not very practical except when it's good weather and bright conditions (no wind) as the bellows are fully extended and it makes the camera very prone to vibration. I'd try one before you buy anything.

As ic-racer says a telephoto is more practical I use a 17" on my Speed Graphic.


Kirk Fry
19-Sep-2015, 22:40
A 270m G-Claron or a 240nn one would be a better choice in non-telephoto design.