View Full Version : flashing impossible 8x10 2.0

15-Sep-2015, 13:57

I just got a box of the new impossible 8x10 2.0 film

its nice but quite high contrast

has anybody pre flashed it to reduce contrast ?

its rather expensive for me to play with so any advise



Tracy Storer
15-Sep-2015, 18:10
Interesting idea, not sure how practical unless you have several holders or a second camera to set up for flashing.
If I try it, I'll post results. A sliding split back is a great accessory for testing this stuff, BTW.

Andrew O'Neill
15-Sep-2015, 21:27
You can do in camera flashing. Metre the scene through a diffuser, such as white plexi. Place that reading on zone 2. Place diffuser over lens and make your pre flash exposure. Remove the diffuser, go ahead and take your actual photo. I pre flashed good old T55 many times in contrasty situations with great success.