View Full Version : Hope Tachihara??

Ben Calwell
15-Feb-2005, 06:48
During my usual morning scan of eBay, I noticed a 4x5 Tachihara for sale, but the seller refers to it as a "Hope Tachihara." What is a Hope Tachihara?

Gem Singer
15-Feb-2005, 07:01
Hi Ben,

My guess, the seller is HOPING he/she can sell it without loosing a lot of money on the deal. Other than that, I've never heard of a "Hope Tachihara". The labels on all three of my newer Tachi's say "Fiel Stand".

Ernest Purdum
15-Feb-2005, 07:31
"Hope" is or was a brand name used by Tachihara Photo Works. So far as I know, the name has not been used on field cameras for many years, so I would expect the camera concerned to be an early model.

(Another Tachihara trade name, used for studio cameras of a very traditional type, was "Anthony".)

Ernest Purdum
15-Feb-2005, 07:42
Since writing the above, I have looked at the eBay listing. The camera is a later model than I was aware of bearing the "Hope": tradename.

Mark Sampson
15-Feb-2005, 10:15
My 4x5 Tachihara, bought new in '82, had the "Hope" label on it. The ones on sale now seem identical.

Gem Singer
15-Feb-2005, 10:38
By golly! I did find the name "Hope". It is cleverly worked into the logo label located on the bottom of the back of my Tachi's. I had never noticed it before.

Ralph Barker
15-Feb-2005, 10:52
A curious choice of brand names, to be sure. Wouldn't it have been better for them to select "Faith" as the brand? ;-)

domenico Foschi
15-Feb-2005, 11:04
about " letskeepfingerscrossed " ?

Erik Gould
15-Feb-2005, 20:46
OT: "Hope" is the state motto here in Rhode Island, a little odd maybe, but nothing compared to the Providence (capital city) motto: "what cheer".