View Full Version : C41 Problems

Christopher Barrett
13-Sep-2015, 16:57
I just mixed up a batch of C41 chemistry (Unicolor) to process some 4x10 in my Jobo CPP3. The first batch was great. The second batch had pretty dense base fog. These kits are supposed to be good for 30 8x10s or so, so I'm not sure what's up. I used distilled water and temps were spot on. I'll try another manufacturer next, probably Rollei.

Any thoughts?


13-Sep-2015, 18:22
Fog may or may not be related to the chemistry, though the unicolor stuff is not the most reliable out there.
Its a bit hard to diagnose with only one sample test, but keep us posted, no doubt we will find the answer!

13-Sep-2015, 19:11
I haven't used the latest rollei kits but the version sold a couple years ago had issues with part c going bad rather quickly. They'd send replacements and those would be bad as well.
I've had great results with the Tetenal 5L kit.

Christopher Barrett
13-Sep-2015, 19:56
I think I'll give the Tetenal a spin and see how that goes.


Pali K
13-Sep-2015, 20:46
I too have been using the Tetenal kit for both C41 and E6 and think these are extremely high quality chemicals. Make sure you also pick up the Tetenal Protectant Spray to extend the life of your chemicals.