View Full Version : non Jobo drum Epiphany ???

Pierre 2
12-Sep-2015, 18:38
Reflecting on my turbulence induced uneven development in my big Chromega Drum (4 8x10 sheets) AND looking at Jobo 3005 pictures, it just dawned on me that instead of using those long sliding lengths of bulky plastic to hold my negatives in the tube, I could just cut them in 1" length for the extremities and maybe 1.5" for the center pieces : The negative (or paper) would still be extremely well supported and I could probably get rid of most of the uneven development.

As anyone tried that ? (will try it anyway but comments and/or encouragements would be welcomed :-) )

12-Sep-2015, 18:43
did you get uneven development with a 3005?

Pierre 2
12-Sep-2015, 19:01

Off course, I understand the 3005 drum has demonstrated an unequal degree of perfection and I certainly don't reject the idea of finding one at a cost I could justify (as compared to tray or eventually tank development processing). In the meantime, I would just like to make the most of what I have on hand and the Chromega drum as currently configured is definitively not giving me satisfaction. I am thinking that simply cutting down on those plastic separator in order to retain the minimum lengths required to keep the sheets where they belong could provide me with acceptable (maybe even perfect) 4 simultaneous sheets capability - cutting down the plastic separators to minimum length will obviously reduce the turbulence in the tube. To what degree remains to be seen...