View Full Version : Toyo 45a field camera lens board question.

11-Sep-2015, 13:51
I bought 2 lens boards advertised for toyo 45 field cameras. They are too small. Am I missing something? 139524

Keith Pitman
11-Sep-2015, 13:55
Some Toyos use Linhof-type lens boards like you bought, and others use 110mm Toyo lens boards. Looks like you need a 110mm board. You can resell the Linhof boards here on the forum.

11-Sep-2015, 13:55
you were sold linhof sized boards.
as you now know, toyos are larger and square. check the for sale listings here for some

11-Sep-2015, 14:43
Oops. Made some makeshift holders out of black board.

11-Sep-2015, 14:44
Agree with what others have already said. Just want to make two additional points:

1) Toyo made (makes?) an adapter that adapts Linhof Tech style lens boards to the Toyo field cameras.

2) Toyo make and sell at least three different size lens boards: Toyo View (158mm square), Toyo Field 45 (110mm square) and linhof tech style.

Your Toyo field camera accepts the 110mm square toyo field 45 style boards natively.

12-Sep-2015, 13:29
I use a Toyo to Graflex adapter so I can keep all my lenses on Pacemaker boards.

Jeff Keller
14-Sep-2015, 20:45
The Canham boards are very close to the 110mm square Toyo boards but a slightly different thickness. I've put recessed Toyo boards in my Canham but they are tight. The Canham boards might be loose in your Toyo.

Brad's comment about an adapter is worth considering. Almost every board size has an adapter to Technica style boards. If you get another camera you won't have to replace your lens boards.