View Full Version : Schneider G-Claron f/9 210 in Synchro-Compur #1

Zoltan Klinger
14-Feb-2005, 16:40
I have the opportunity to buy the enlarger lens version of the Schneider G-Claron f/9 210 lens for a very affordable price. I am going to use it as my first low budget lens on my newly acquired 8x10 Korona. Will I be able to screw the lens straight into a #1 Synchro-Compur shutter I've already got? The shutter has already got an aperture scale for a 210mm lens. Would I be able to use that scale with the G-Claron without any modification? And finally is there a difference between the enlarger and the process lens version of the G-Claron? Thanks for your help in advance.

Kevin Crisp
14-Feb-2005, 17:23
Zoltan: It should screw right in. Measure the overall length of the lens with calipers in the enlarger mount, check it when you screw it into the shutter. It will probably be exactly right. The aperture scale should be very close if not the same, from f:9 down, of course. Double check this by putting the enlarger mount on f:16, f:22, etc. and comparing it to the hole in the compur when you have it on the same apertures. Be aware that the glass can magnify the apparent size of the hole, so check both with no glass to see if they match. I've moved the 210 enlarger ones over to compur's with no trouble now a couple times. Some people say sometimes the threads won't match up, but you've already bought one part and you have the other so hope for the best.