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14-Feb-2005, 12:43
I can't find the answer to this. Can I use ready loads in the Fuji holder?

Scott Rosenberg
14-Feb-2005, 12:46
check about 1/4 of the way into this page (http://www.butzi.net/reviews/readyquick.htm).

Ralph Barker
14-Feb-2005, 13:37
The short answer is "no".

Paul Butzi
14-Feb-2005, 13:57
Assuming that we interpret the question as "If I were to use Kodak single sheet readyloads in the Fuji Quickload holder, would I be likely to find the results reliable?", the answer is "probably not. Some people have done it, but many have tried it and found problems."

14-Feb-2005, 15:26
That kind of sucks because I cannot load a tranny into a film holder without scratching it somehow. Plus the little envelopes make carrying lots of film really easy. I guess I could find a kodak holder cheap.

Did kodak ever solve their problems? That is the reason I settled on the quickloads and not the readyloads.

Bob Douglas
14-Feb-2005, 15:35

The answer is not as easy as the question so I will make stated assumptions. You are using Kodak Readyloads (The single sheet packets) and a Fuji Quickload holder.

Yes, in most cases with care and finesse the new single sheet Kodak Readyloads will work in most of the recent Fuji Quickload holders. Word of advice though, each holder seems to have it's own personality so try it out at home in a dark room or changing bag before cursing in the field. If the Kodak Readyloads tend to snag you might want to gently run your fingernail or a pencil to compress the clip a bit. If this fails or you are uncomfortable buy the latest generation Kodak Readyload holder http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/products/films/readyload/singleSheetFilmHolder.jhtml?id= (http://www.kodak.com/global/en/professional/products/films/readyload/singleSheetFilmHolder.jhtml?id=

FYI - The horror stories are rooted in that Kodak used to sell double sheet Readyloads and these had problems even with their own holders so they finally converted over to single sheet packets. The double sheet packets were thicker and the clips tended to get caught in the holder, the hapless soul would pull on the packet to remove it from the holder and the exposed film would be stuck in the holder. There were work arounds but since the packets aren't being sold...

Good luck to you,

Frank Petronio
14-Feb-2005, 15:36
Both films work in a Polaroid 545i

14-Feb-2005, 15:52
Yes Bob it was my intention to try readyloads with a Fuji Holder. Just wanting to try somethng new, but I got rid of all of my regular holders.

Kerry L. Thalmann
14-Feb-2005, 16:43

I've tried both Fuji packets in the Kodak holder and Kodak packets in the Fuji holder. Based on my experience, I've had good luck using Fuji Quickload packets in the new Kodak Single Sheet Readyload holder. I have had poor luck (consistant failures) using the Kodak Single Sheet Readyload packets in the Fuji Quickload holder. You MIGHT get lucky, but is it really worth taking the chance? For the most fool proof results, I recommend avoiding mixing different brands of packets and holders.

However, if you only want to carry one holder, for both packets (assuming you aren't also shooting Polaroid film), I'd recommend the Kodak Single Sheet Readyload holder. Since I own both holders, I generally avoid mixing brands. However, when I go backpacking and want to keep the weight down, I just carry the Single Sheet Readylopad holder and use it with both Kodak and Fuji packets - it's also an ounce or two lighter than the Fuji holder (and several ounces lighter than a Polaroid holder).

Also, as Bob mentioned, these holders all seem to be ever so slightly different. So, defintely do some test shots with your holder(s) before committing any critical work to Brand X packets in a Brand Y holder.


steve simmons
15-Feb-2005, 10:18
I have said for quite awhile that the new Polaroid holders are the universal holder for any pre-packaged films. Kodak, Fuji and of course Polaroid films seem to work in this holder.

steve simmons

Kirk Gittings
15-Feb-2005, 10:37
FWIW A few years ago I tested the various holders for film flatness and found the Fuji films in Fuji holders to be the best. Its true that they all work in the Polaroid holders but at least in my very old Pol. holder the film was not kept as flat as in the Fuji.

Bob Douglas
15-Feb-2005, 10:51
One comment one question...

Comment: While Steve is correct the concensus is that the Polaroid holders are the most compatible, however there is a drawback the weight 18.4 oz vs 10.6 for Fuji and 9.7 for the Kodak. The Polaroid is also bulkier.

Comment: I have had some T-Max100 Readyloads that have severe warping of the packets.

Ralph Barker
15-Feb-2005, 11:00
Kerry - isn't it only the latest model of the Kodak single-sheet holder that works consistently well with both Readyloads and Quickloads? I seem to recall numerous reports of problems trying to use Fuji film in the earlier models of the Kodak holder. If so, as the newer Kodak holder was introduced only recently, buyers on the used market would need to confirm model specifics if both film brands were to be used.

Kerry L. Thalmann
15-Feb-2005, 11:16

All my comments were specific to the Single Sheet Readyload holder. It's been on the market for over three years now, and is easy to distinguish from the earlier double sheet version. It has a large red release button, rounded corners, a nice padded case and is clearly labeled "READYLOAD SINGLE-SHEET PACKET FILM HOLDER" both directly on teh holder and the box it comes in.


Sal Santamaura
15-Feb-2005, 12:15
Kerry, there have been at least two iterations of the single-sheet ReadyLoad holder you describe. The first had graflok slots and shiny edges around the film that caused lines of density variation there. The second (current?) has no gaflok slots and dulled film gate edges; I don't know whether any other internal changes were made that might have impacted compatibility with QuickLoad packets.

I own both of these versions, the first purchased when single-sheet ReadyLoad holders were introduced around three years ago, the second supplied by Kodak at no charge some time later when I asked about the edge density problem.

Kerry L. Thalmann
15-Feb-2005, 12:32

I don't believe there were any internal changes. I actually used as pre-production protoype of the Single-Sheet Readyload holder back before it went into production. It worked fine with the Fuji Quickload packtes, but as you mentioned, the shiny edges around the film opening caused bright lines around the periphery of the image area. I don't know if I was the first to notice this problem, but I reported it to Kodak and sent them examples showing this problem during in my testing. I was glad to see they fixed this in later production models of the holder. It is also possible to fix this problem on older Single-Sheet eadyload holders by using a little sand paper to remove the glossy finish from the shiny edges (just be sure to clean out your holder good after doing so).