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9-Sep-2015, 09:23
Soooo... Looks like we going to make couple of trips to Chicago (first trip is starting in 3 days, second in early October).
I am sure there will be couple of days when we can rent a car and just drive about.

What to see/photograph around Chi-town nowadays? I haven't been there for real since early 1999 (yes, last century ;)).

Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.

(and do i really want to pack color 4x5 with me, or b&w will be ok?)

Randy Moe
9-Sep-2015, 11:09
Since last Century the Loop and adjoining have changed for the better. Particularly starting with Art institute's Modern Wing addition and it's magnificent pedestrian bridge from the top of ARTIC into Millennium Park which is also new since '99. East has Maggie Daley Park which just opened. Then Navy Pier nonsense. Use the water taxi for the cheapest way to get on the water and see some of the inner beauty of the city. Buy $10 all day pass and hop on and off. https://www.chicagowatertaxi.com/ It can take you from Michigan Ave to close to me and south to Chinatown.

The harbors are still full of boats and active. Since '99 many boulevards have trees, Chicago plants more trees than any other city. Everything is still green with no changing of color.

The Ghettos have not changed. Be careful everywhere.

Many buildings built since '99, some preservation, but Chicago is well known for new.

By me a new 3 mile park.

If you need a darkroom for reloading holders or anything B&W mine is open.

I would love to meet for a chat, walk, meal or anything you need.

I am not a fan of driving anywhere as Chicago is gridlock. I have 3 bicycles, each appropriate for each of us. No speed racers. I have a wheelchair if needed.

I can come to you or...

:) Good luck.

If you ordered a Travelwide you could pick it up, 2 miles north of me.

9-Sep-2015, 12:24
Thanks, Randy, i am pretty sure we will get together at least once :) I just can't plan right now, seeing as reaction to chemo is very unpredictable, we shall see by Tuesday how it is. I will pack some 4x5 with me ;) Need to find light tripod for it though, as mine is good, but its overkill for 4x5.