View Full Version : Tetnal C41 and Combiplan

Dave Savidge
14-Feb-2005, 01:16
Hi, this the first time I've submitted a question to the LF forum so please be pateint.

I recently started processing mono in a Combiplan 5x4 and got used to making suitable allowances for the circa 30 sec load/unload time for solutions.

I now want to process C41 using a Tetenal kit and see that the times given are for continuous agitation. As the processing time is considerably shorter than mono (Ilfotec DDX), I guess that the method of agitation and allowances for draining are far more critical. Please can anyone give me some advise.

Bob Salomon
14-Feb-2005, 03:51
You start timing as you begin to fill the tank. You stop timing when the drain time is over. Agitation method is the same - inverse agitation.

tor kviljo
14-Feb-2005, 08:08
You might find it easier to hunt down the NOVA c41 press kits. These are all-powder developer solutions with instruction on developing times all the way from some 20 celsius and up, dev. times at 24c giving room for chemistry in & out. These sets were made for photojournalists on the run, suitable for primitive home-developing away from any processor. However, if You will be doing more than an occational batch of c41, you will find that a jobo drum with 2509N sheet film reel developes the same number of sheets as the Combi-plan with less than half the chemistry usage. If You find it easy to collect & re-use the chemistry with OK result, that saving is of course not a big issue. Good luck anyway.

Dave Savidge
15-Feb-2005, 06:38
Thanks Bob, I'm happy with the fill from the top and drain from the bottom and timing of such. However, do you recommend continuous agitation with the combiplan (per the Tetenal instructions) or more normal 10 secs each minute with a time adjustment - what factor.

Tor, thanks for the suggestion - I might look for that option when I've sed up the 5 litre Tetenal kit I've now got!

Bob Salomon
15-Feb-2005, 07:26
Use the recommended inversion agitation. Just be sure that you do not put in more chemistry then is listed on the inside of the top cover as the agitation is designed to work with chemistry that can move. Not with a completely filled tank that prevents chemistry movement.