View Full Version : new Liere 6x7cm view camera

Oren Grad
13-Feb-2005, 22:12
More weird and wonderful stuff from China:

http://www.shelro.com/specification/1.htm (http://www.shelro.com/specification/1.htm)

tor kviljo
14-Feb-2005, 01:20
Looks like a very cute & backpackable little thing!. But I guess that it really does not perform better than the more solid & rigid Horseman VH(R), 985 or more recent Lihof 2"x3" technikas (most if not all movements needed, packed in bomb-proof box). I used the very capable Horseman VHR some years back, finally selling it after finding that a tiny 6x7 GG screen is simply to small for comfort when using it as a view camera - that the 4"x5" vere just big enough. Would have loved to own one - but suspect it would end up on the shelf, as the Horseman did...

14-Feb-2005, 06:18
47mm with a wide angle bellows? What's the point then? It's not that much lighter then a 4x5.