View Full Version : Color film for 7x17?

John Sarsgard
13-Feb-2005, 13:12
I've been shooting 4x5 for years, and am seriously contemplating buying a 7x17 for a very different point of view. I would want to shoot primarily B&W anyway, but am curious about whether any color neg or chrome film is available in that size. If not factory boxed, does anyone cut it that size? Just doing my research about what I may be getting into! Thanks.

Oren Grad
13-Feb-2005, 14:01
To my knowledge, there is no regular supplier of color film in any size larger than 8x10. It's not a regular production item for any of the manufacturers, and there aren't any third parties that I know of that buy raw sheet film stock and cut to order the way there are for B&W.

It may still be possible to get Kodak to cut to order, but the required minimum order would be substantial - many thousands of dollars - and the lead time would probably be several months.

David F. Stein
13-Feb-2005, 14:27
How about shooting through three color filters - color separations. This is just the kind of thing some famous art photographers could pick up on and make the next fad, a la coating glass plates with emulsion or coke bottle lenses or pinhole images on color negative paper!!!!! Actually, there is an outstanding web site by the Library of Congress on a Russian photographer who did just that.

Ted Harris
13-Feb-2005, 16:57
No help for 7x17 but Fuji does make Provia and Astia (maybe some color negative too) in 11x14 although it is not imported into the US by Fuji USA who seem to have no regard for LF film in general.

13-Feb-2005, 17:58
You can make use of aerial films made by Kodak and Afga. 9.5x125' is available. But you have to cut the size for your 7x17. The film could be ordered at B&H.